About NORINT Sp. z o.o.

We are an employment agency that specializes in recruiting employees of the construction, automotive and medical industries for the Norwegian employment market. We provide employment based on a fully legal Norwegian employment contract that guarantees the necessary health and accident insurances as well as retirement benefits. We provide assistance at every stage of the recruitment prosses, both for the candidates and our clients that are hiring.

VISION – Norint

Our vision is to be a Polish leader in the area of ​​employment mediation on the labor market in Scandinavia and Western Europe. Every day, working as an international team, we understand the needs of candidates seeking employment and our clients, flexibly responding to changing market needs.

MISSION – Norint

The Norint mission sets long-term goals for those we serve: our clients, our partners and our employees who are the heart of the company.

Thanks to experience, knowledge and openness to cooperation, we successfully carry out the entire recruitment process of candidates, offering job seekers the best possible working conditions (offered by clients / Norwegian employers) available on the market and engaging in clear conditions.

We respect the time and needs of our clients. Through close cooperation and a quick recruitment process, we can find the best job candidates available on the labor market.