Health Care recruitment.

Health Care recruitment.

We at Norint have taken great pride in establishing an independent nursing recruitment program supporting organizations of every size in Norway. We operate mainly with nurses from Poland, but also other EU countries, sourcing, training, and placing nurses, and health care professionals, in Norway.

We understand that qualified and experienced nursing staff are a valuable commodity and need to be treated as such. Our staff is always available to assist the candidates and answer any questions that they may have.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and care for details in this highly demanding sector, with tailor-made recruitment packages suited to the unique requirement of the client, large or small, and at every level within the healthcare sector.

Our dedicated team of recruiters working within this area has longstanding international experience and professional skills enabling them not only to complete the task of recruitment but also to assist the candidates with providing the correct documentation to receive the HPR-number in Norway. We offer a complete service in this area, arranging Norwegian authorization, checking criminal records as well as MRSA testing, and language training when required.

We offer highly specialized and well-tested language courses that are available for nurses before they depart to Norway as well as online once arriving and working in Norway. The courses are run by our own teachers that have longstanding experience with teaching health care personnel for the Norwegian market.

Your needs are important to us and therefore we tailor our professional expertise to fit your personal staffing needs, our experienced consultants are here to find the best way to achieve your goals.

Recruitment process.

The need for high-quality employees in the health care sector has never been higher and for you to be best able to choose the right professional for your company through search & selection, it’s crucial to trust and understand the recruitment prosses. We offer a reliable, professional service that is tailored to your needs, our aim is to deliver our promises in a way that is clear, simple, and effective. We believe that communication is the best way to achieve this. We are always available if you have any doubts or questions.

Our recruitment process from A-Z:
We start by understanding your needs and requirements from the candidates that you are looking for. Our consultants will contact you about the given position and gather all the necessary information for us to start to tailor a package for your needs. We may search our database for the correct candidate or we may start a new recruitment process depending on your requirements.

Candidates apply for the job offer:
Once we have a clear picture of your needs a plan for the recruitment phase is made, candidates will be given several options on how to apply for a job offer with us: by e-mail,  responding to one of our job advertisements, we are also very active on social media and always available on the phone, or maybe they will meet us on one of the medical job fairs that we attend.

First time screening interview.
When a candidate first applies we do a screening interview to verify that the candidate is suitable for the position, that the content of the CV fulfills the requirement to achieve Norwegian authorization and that their experience, education, language skills, and so on fit the profile that we are looking for.

Professional job interview.
Once we are sure that the candidate fulfills the basic requirements for the position the candidate is passed on to one of our dedicated health care recruiters to complete a detailed job interview. Supplementing the information needed to create a Candidate profile, such as personal data, work experience history, verification of language knowledge, and professional experience. We also gather and verify all the educational experiences and other documents needed for the HPR-number at this point. We check that the nurse has a valid license to work as a nurse in Poland and that everything is in order.

The nurses will be given their own dedicated recruiter at this point that will follow them all the way through the authorization process and language learning process all the way until they are in Norway working and often for much longer.

Verification of work history and references from previous employers.
Verification of the Candidate’s experience is one of the most important steps in the recruitment prosses and we use a series of tested methods during the job interview to verify the candidate’s knowledge as well as calling at least two previous employers for references to confirm their experience and suitability for the position offered.

Once we have found candidates that match up with your requirements we acquaint them with your job offer in more detail.

Presentation of the Candidate’s profile to the client
Once we have made the selection of the candidates that have applied for the position, we forward the complete profiles to the client for the client to chose the candidates they would like to interview or employ depending on the recruitment prosses.

Once the client and candidate are matched, we sign a contract with the candidate for referral to work, determining details of travel and coordinate the candidates to the client’s location. Upon arrival, the Candidate signs an employment contract and is appointed to the Tax Office to obtain a personal number and tax card.

Often between recruitment and placement, we have a period that is used to gain authorization in Norway as well as learning the Norwegian language which is needed to successfully work in the health care sector in Norway.

An International Model
Each year, Norway devotes roughly $7,000 per citizen to healthcare, making it the world’s biggest spender (after the US and Luxembourg) in terms of per-capita health expenditure.

That being said, Norway’s healthcare system is considered one of the most efficient – and equitable – in the world and is especially highly regarded in terms of healthcare for the elderly.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has attributed this to Norway’s ‘sustained commitment’ to providing its entire population with quality healthcare, its substantial investments in the healthcare system, and its willingness to implement needed reforms.

While Norway’s central government has ultimate authority over national healthcare policy, the country’s 430 municipal governments are largely responsible for providing direct health services.

Unlimited Healthcare, Limited Cost
Medical treatment in Norway isn’t free. But thanks to the country’s National Insurance Scheme (NIS), citizens can receive unlimited healthcare without being overwhelmed by costly medical bills.

Through the NIS, all citizens (and tax-paying expatriates) never have to pay more than about 2,000 kroner (roughly $275) per year on healthcare. Once this maximum limit is reached, they are exempted from further medical expenses for the rest of the year, regardless of how much treatment they need.

What’s more, healthcare for pregnant women and children (under 16 years old) is completely free, along with all treatment associated with childbirth and work-related injuries.

NIS subscribers are entitled to use the healthcare provider of their choice, including general practitioners (depending on vacancy), which they are permitted to change up to twice a year.

Caring for the Elderly
Norway has a particularly good reputation in terms of the quality of healthcare it provides to the elderly, on which it tends to outspend other developed nations.


All nurses that are to work as independent nurses in Norway must apply to Helse Direktoratet to receive Norwegian authorization allowing them to work as nurses. If you are intending to employ people that have not completed nursing school in Norway then this is an important part of the recruitment process.

We provide reliable and comprehensive assistance in translating necessary documents and submitting the appropriate application to Helse Direktoratet.

In order to obtain Norwegian authorization, the following requirements must be met:

The employee must have a documented education/diploma as a nurse from their home country.

If the employee is from Poland they must have a professional license to work as a nurse here that has not been revoked.

If it is more than 5 years since they completed their education then they must have a minimum requirement of practical experience as a nurse.

If you have any questions about health care personnel, please do contact us on

Norwegian language course for Health care personnel


The importance of communicating with people is never more relevant than when dealing with health care personnel. We have developed a course along with our sister company, that is designed and based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and divided into modules where the final objective of the completed course is to prepare the students with no Norwegian language skills to the level of B1 communication skills ready to start working in Norway..

Included in our training course for nurses are the following main modules:

Module-based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
Weeks/module Lesson type Lessons total
T1/T2 – Breakthrough or beginner Course, Level A1 5 Online 55
T3/T4 – Way stage or elementary,Level A2 (Norskprøve 2) 7 Online 65
T5/T6 – Threshold or intermediate,Level B1 (Norskprøve 3) 12 Stationary 400

Students are regularly tested and our clients receive written reports every two weeks of the candidate’s progress, these reports outline the progress with language learning as well as the teacher’s view on the candidate’s efforts and motivation.

The above information is just a general outline of the course. For more details on the material used, curriculum and much please do contact us.