NOKUT is the Norwegian Office for Quality and Recognition of Foreign Education, dealing with the approval of documents related to qualifications and education obtained outside Norway.

When employing a skilled workforce from other parts of the EU then using this service can give you the edge over competitors by having qualified craftsmen in your team that has documented their education.

Occupations in Norway can be divided into two categories:

  1. Professions regulated by Norwegian law – currently, there are 168 professions that require an authorization, including:

concrete worker/formwork carpenter
wędliniarz / butcher
furniture carpenter
shop butcher
mechanic/fitter of machines and industrial devices

  1. Occupations not regulated by Norwegian law – professions that cannot be authorized in Norway.

If you are not sure if the profession you are looking for is regulated then please contact us.

What conditions should be met in order to obtain NOKUT vocational education approval:

The applicant must be professionally connected to or legally resident in Norway. I.e. working in Norway at the time of the application.

All documents need to be translated – Diploma translation together with its original issued by the appropriate authority. Authorization is obtained based on the completion of min. 3-year vocational school with a documented year of apprenticeship.

The applicant should provide;

  • A copy of a current ID (passport or ID – page with photo and personal details).
  • A CV in English or Norwegian
  • Contract of employment or registration of stay along with a passport scan.
  • A copy of school diploma and certificates