Our company aims to provide professional staffing services and skilled recruitment for permanent and temporary positions. We specialize mainly in the search for and recruitment of potential candidates, for the Norwegian employment market, as well as the Polish work market.

Norint Sp. z o.o. is a Polish-based employment agency which offers high-quality recruitment services for local and foreign companies. We are experts in selecting and sourcing talents for gap sectors, such as social services, healthcare, building, and the automotive industry. Over the years, our team has gained extensive knowledge in the area of local laws and international requirements.

Our recruiters have extensive experience in selecting and finding the right candidates for the right jobs, both for the Scandinavian market as well as the Polish market. We do our best to get to know our client’s expectations to meet their needs and provide top-end services.

We provide both qualified professional search services as well as handling relative placement within a company with temporary or permanent contracts. We are well experienced in the selection of candidates that meet your needs, with specialized educational backgrounds or concrete experience for the position that you are trying til fill.

We provide continuous support to our clients and candidates along with the utmost efficiency and timeliness thanks to the industry-specific knowledge of our consultants and our recruiters.

The main industries we serve are:

  • Building industry (Scandinavia & Poland)
  • Electricians (Norway & EU)
  • Cars and mechanics (Norway & Sweden)
  • Machinery & Industrial Products (Norway)
  • Industrial welders/Painters (Norway)
  • Turbine technicians (Norway)
  • Food & Beverage (Poland and EU)
  • Healthcare personnel

We in Norint are an enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated team with the goal of satisfying both our client’s needs as well as the candidate’s needs for development and growth.