Let us select and manage the best profiles for your company’s needs.

For you to be best able to choose the right professional for your company through search & selection, it’s crucial to trust the recruitment prosses and understand how we are selecting the candidates that you are being presented.
Our recruitment process from A-Z:
We start by understanding your needs and requirements from the candidates that you are looking for. Our consultants will contact you about the given position and gather all the necessary information for us to start searching our database for the correct candidate or we may place advertisements if we do not have the candidates that you are looking for in our base.

Candidates apply for the job offer:
The candidate has several options on how to apply for a job offer with us: by e-mail, via the recruitment form on www.norint.pl or by responding to one of our job advertisements, we are also very active on social media and always available on the phone.

First time screening interview.
When a candidate first applies for any job advertisement we do a screening interview to verify that the candidate is suitable for the position, that the content of the CV fulfills the requirement of the advertisement, experience, education, language skills and so on.

Professional job interview.
Once we are sure that the candidate fulfills the basic requirements for the position the candidate is passed on to one of our dedicated recruiters to complete a detailed job interview. Supplementing the information needed to create a Candidate profile, such as personal data, work experience history, verification of language knowledge and professional experience.

Verification of work history and references from previous employers.
Verification of the Candidate’s experience is one of the most important steps in the recruitment prosses and we use a series of tested methods during the job interview to verify the candidate’s knowledge as well as the option of calling previous employers or receiving written references to confirm their experience.

Once we have found candidates that match up with your requirements we acquaint them with your job offer in more detail. Often giving direct details of the position including wages and working hours if this has not been given earlier.

Presentation of the Candidate’s profile to the client
Once we have made the selection of the candidates that have applied for the position, we send the complete profiles to the client for the client to chose the candidates they would like to interview or employ depending on the recruitment prosses.

The decision on the employment of the Candidate.
Once the client and candidate are matched, we sign a contract with the candidate for referral to work, determining details of travel and coordinate the candidates to the client’s location. Upon arrival, the Candidate signs an employment contract and is appointed to the Tax Office to obtain a personal number and tax card. He gets the needed tools, working clothes, ID and is accommodated in the apartment he is assigned.