Lofoten  is an archipelago of seven islands in the Norwegian Sea, about 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. It is separated from the mainland by the Vestfjorden. In 2006, Lofoten received third place in the ranking of the most beautiful islands in the world. The traditional source of income for residents is fishing, fish processing and tourism, as the area is visited by around 200,000 a year. tourists.

Population: approx. 24,000

Nearest airport: Bodo approx. 100 km by sea


  • Narvik 300 km
  • Tromso 480 km
  • Trondheim 860 km
  • Oslo 1,450 km


  • One of the best fisheries in Norway
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Old fishing houses on stilts that can be rented – the so-called “Rorbuer”
  • Polar day (from June to mid July) and polar night (from around December to I)
  • Frequent and extremely beautiful auroras (X – IV)


Despite the location of the islands in the far north, the climate here is amazingly mild due to the warm Gulf Stream. The warmest month is July, when you can even sunbathe on hot rocks and beautiful sandy beaches.

In Lofoten there is a place with the shortest name in the world. A (also called A i Lofoten) is a kind of end of the world – here the road ends and you can only move on by water.

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