Trondheim is an administrative center with well-developed shipbuilding, machine, metal, and fish industry, as well as important commercial and fishing seasons. It is the third-largest city of Norway, located in central Norway, on the west coast, at the Trondheim Fjord. Thanks to its strategic location on the bay and the vast fertile valley, the city was the headquarters of the Norwegian authorities for a long time. Today it is also a very important academic center, in which a large part of the population is made up of students.

Nearest airport: Vaernes, approx. 32 km from the city center

Population: approx. 190,000


  • Bergen 630 km
  • Oslo 500 km
  • Bodo 700 km
  • Narvik 900 km


  • Nidarosdomen Cathedral – the national temple of Norway, built over the tomb of St. Olaf.
  • Bakklandet and Bybrua Bridge – a historic district with a wooden bridge from which you can admire the charm of the colorful, wooden buildings of the Old Town.
  • Munkholmen – the so-called “Island of the monk,” a small island a short distance from Trondheim. It was a fort that was used for centuries as a prison and a place of execution.
  • Bymarka Park – a popular recreational area with a whole network of marked trails leading to viewpoints.
  • Tyholt Tower – television and radio tower reaching a height of 124 meters. It is a place from which a wonderful panorama of the city extends.


Trondheim is the northernmost place in the world where tram communication exists.

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