Our  Intensive Language Course is developed to achieve the necessary level of language for you to start work in Norway as fast as possible. You will participate in a well-tested language program that will also introduce you to many cultural and social aspects of Norway. Whether you are a complete beginner or have knowledge of Norwegian before, this course will achieve your language goals in the time frame allocated.

With the Intensive Course, the emphasis is placed on learning, thus leaving less free time for extracurricular activities. Daily lessons run from 08:45 to 16.30 and there are often extra tasks given to make effective progress in the short time the course is run.

Our intensive course at a glance

Online language training course

  • For 6th grade students from Lublin, we will be arranging an online language course that will run over your last semester.
  • The online course is 120 hours and completes levels A1 –A2.
  • To continue learning to the level of B1 and start work in Norway all students must pass an A2 test.


12 weeks Stationary Course

  • All candidates that complete the A2 level will need to join the stationary course and reach B1 level Norwegian.
  • At this time, all parts of the program become free, and the candidates only need to focus on learning Norwegian.

Online Course structure

The course structure may vary depending on the individual teachers and students. However, the goals are the same for each level. The online course is divided into 3 levels and the students are tested after each level and must pass to continue to the next level (A1-A2). Courses online are arranged in small groups of 2-5 students giving the teachers time to work with each individual student and assist them in every way possible. The course will take place on a specially made educational platform with access to digital books and much more.

The online course is the only part of the program that candidates are required to pay for. The total fee for the online course is 2000PLN. This will be divided into 4 instalments of 500PLN to be paid before each 30 lesson package is begun.

Included in the Online language course

  • 120 45-minute lessons with a teacher
  • Access to our online training platform with homework, questions, games, and much more
  • Complete A1 and A2 language course with hundreds of slides and grammatical explanations
  • Access to a digital d-book, Ny i Norge along with many learning resources.
  • Two main tests to continue learning, one at the A1 level and a final test at the A2 level.

The stationary Course structure
The stationary course will take place after completion of the online course and is set to last 8 -14 weeks. In most cases, it will be completed after 12 weeks. All students are required to take a B1 language test and pass it before departing for Norway.

Included in the stationary course is your stay with us in a twin room shared with a second student from your course. Meals are included in the program and you will get breakfast, dinner, and an evening meal. You will also be given all the learning materials that are needed to complete the course.

Included in the stationary language course

  • 480 lessons with the teacher run over the course of 12 weeks. (Monday – Friday)
  • Learning material, including reading and exercise books
  • Stay in a guest house in a double room for the entire course
  • 3 meals a day -breakfast, dinner and an evening meal.
  • Final language test before departing to Norway (B1 level)

Please note that the final structure of your course may vary from the courses described here depending on when you start your language training and if you have been accepted to the summer employment program. However, candidates are never charged for more than the 120 lessons in the basic online package. Students in semesters 2 and 3 that will complete semesters 4 and 5 before the summer of 2023 will be eligible to enter the summer employment program.