Stavanger is a port city, located on the south-west coast of Norway, on a narrow bay separated from the sea by the Bokna fjord. It ranks fourth in terms of the number of inhabitants in the country.

Stavanger is the capital of the Norwegian oil industry. It also has very well developed other industries, such as fish, construction, and energy. It is also the seat of many institutions of higher education and scientific research. The climate is warm and temperate, and the vegetation period lasts the longest in all of Norway.

Nearest airport: Stavanger, approx. 15 km from the city center

Population: approx. 130,000.


  • Bergen 210 km
  • Kristiansand 230 km
  • Oslo 450 km
  • Trondheim 950 km


  • Cruise on the Lysefjord – a local fjord about 42 km long, whose rocky cliffs, often exceeding 1000 m in height, drop vertically into the bay.
  • Preikestolen (“Rock Shelf”) – rises to a height of 604 meters above sea level and is the most-visited attraction in the area, which has been recognized as the most breathtaking viewing platform in the world.
  • Landscapes of fjords, mountains, and sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity of the city.
  • Norwegian Petroleum Museum
  • Norwegian Museum of Canning – for a long time, the city was a global center of fish processing.


The Sola Beach located near the airport is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It impresses with extremely white sand!

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