Tromso is the largest city in northern Norway, the country’s seventh-largest city. The city is located on the island of Tromsoya, approx. 350 km behind the Arctic Circle. However, despite its location, the climate is not exceptionally harsh, due to the strong influence of the warm North Atlantic Current. The polar night here lasts from November 27 to January 19, the polar day from May 19 to July 27. The city has a very well developed shipbuilding, fish, and construction industry.

Population: around 55,000.

Nearest airport: Tromsø, approx. 5 km from the city center


  • Narvik 250 km
  • Bodo 550 km
  • Trondheim 1150 km
  • Oslo 1700 km


  • Polar Museum – presenting the history of polar expeditions.
  • Arctic Cathedral – the Tromsdalen church, which hosts numerous concerts, especially during white nights, and winter concerts.
  • The auroras – the opportunity to observe these unusual atmospheric phenomena for over half a year – from September to March. The city even has a special Northern Lights festival.
  • Whale Safari


The city boasts having the furthest north university, a Protestant cathedral, a botanical garden, a golf course, and even the most “polar” Burger King restaurant.

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