Ålesund is a modern port commercial city located on the west coast of Norway, at the mouth of several fjords to the Norwegian Sea. It is located on the peninsula and several islands, forming a convenient port and tourist center. Alesund is also an important Norwegian fishing center, with many processing plants.

Population: approx. 45,000

Nearest airport: Vigra Island – Ålesund-Vigra Airport approx. 17 km from the city center


  • Trondheim 300 km
  • Bergen 420 km
  • Oslo 530 km
  • Stavanger 680 km


  • Kongesgata promenade considered one of the most beautiful streets of Norway,
  • Panorama from the Aksla mountain,
  • Atlantic Aquarium,
  • The islands of Valderoya, Vigra, Giske and Godoya, were inhabited already 8 thousand years ago.


In 1904 the city was completely digested in a fire. However, it was immediately rebuilt and thanks to the large help from outside (German emperor), the new city center was put into use 3 years later.

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